ASL (American Sign Language) Club has had a successful semester this year, filled with many events helped by the club members and the local community.

The top success of their club had to be the scholarship they presented to the Club President and Deaf student, Jacob Veeder. The scholarship was a fund award of $150.

Next on their list was the ASL comedy shows “S.E.E. Me Fail!” Featuring Windell “Wink” Smith, Jr. on Sat. April 5th in the FM Theatre.

“Wink” is a CODA, or child of a deaf adult; both of his parents are deaf. Wink first got to see sign language story telling from his parents, which lead him to go around and share this story about his parents and growing up in a deaf household. Not only did he put everybody in his perspective but also wanted the audience to get a view of the Deaf community and what many CODA’s go through growing up.

The sold out show had over 75 Deaf individuals from the local area and many ASL students from other schools and FM as well.

“Just seeing the Deaf community together for this show was a priceless endeavor for our club.” Stated Cheryl Schiemer. To not leave anyone out, they also had a voice interpreter for those who are ‘sign impaired’ hearing people. During the show the ASL Club performed an opening act hand signing the popular song, Fire Flies by Owl City while accompanied with black lights. The students wore black outfits with white gloves that only glowed showing their sign language hands.

After Jacob Veeder was presented with the scholarship, Jacob presented a T-shirt to Wink, which said, “What ! I can’t hear you! My swag is too loud!”, a deaf humorous shirt.

The ASL Club mission is to serve the Deaf, so that people who are able to hear can realize that people who are Deaf only cannot hear, they are capable of a lot more than people think.

The ASL Club is one of the most active clubs in FM right now. Every first Friday of every month Cheryl Schiemer and the club hold “Deaf Chats” at the Senior Center in Johnstown. “We have a coffee meet and greet once a month from 6:00 to 9:00 pm and anyone is welcome.” States Schiemer.

For more information about the Deaf Chats, contact Shiemer at (518) 866-9654

The Vagina Monologue

By:Perdita Sasu

The annual production of The Vagina Monologue (V-day) was recently held in the FM Theater. There was a full house of male and female, mainly females.


Math Professor Sonnet Gravina was the producer of The Vagina Monologue.

This is the third performance FM has put together for The Vagina Monologue, introduced by activist and author Eve Ensler.

The casts were all students, faculty, and staff member of Fulton Montgomery Community College. The colors worn during the performance were red and black.

Ensler the author of “The Vagina Monologue” is based on how she gathered 200 interviews and turned it into something significant. According to, Ensler experience performing “The Vagina Monologue “ inspired her to develop V-day.

V-day is a global movement to stop violence against women and girls. V-day movement has spread so much awareness that they were named “100 best charities” in one of Worth Magazine. V-day movement has even raised over $800 million.


FM’s version of “The Vagina Monologue” was also for a good cause to spreading awareness and funding to the victims of domestic violence and abuse. According to, two annual supporters are The Family Counseling Center of Fulton County and Montgomery County Domestic Violence & Crime Victim Services.




Graduation and Academic Achievement Awards


More than 500 students will have graduated from FM since last May with about 300 expected to participate in the graduation ceremony t 7 p.m. Friday, May 16.

On Thursday, May 15, there will be an Academic Achievement Awards Ceremony in the FM Theater.

Student speaker Casey Madsen will graduate with an A.A.S. degree in Radiologic Technology. She plans to enroll at SUNY Albany to study human biology (pre-med). Her goal is to be an interventional radiologist.

The Keynote Speaker for the 2014 commencement will be Congressman Chris Gibson.

Congressman Gibson grew up in Columbia County, in the town of Kinderhook. Gibson attended Ichabod Crane.

At 17, Gibson enlisted in the New York National Guard and later earned an ROTC Commission at nearby Siena College. The first in his family to go to college, Gibson graduated magna cum laude with a BA in History. He later earned an MPA and PhD in Government from Cornell University and is the author of Securing the State, a book on national security decision-making published in 2008.

After retiring from the Army in 2010, Gibson was elected to represent the 20th Congressional District and re-elected in 2012 to represent the 19th Congressional District. In Congress, he serves on the House Armed Services Committee (Subcommittees: Tactical Air and Land Forces; Intelligence, Emerging Threats and Capabilities; Military Personnel), the House Agriculture Committee (Subcommittees: General Farm Commodities and Risk Management; Livestock, Rural Development, and Credit), and the Republican Policy Committee.

On Thursday at the Academic Awards Ceremony these candidates will be honored for Honors Concentration Certificates John M. Anthony, Heather L. Bowles, Joshua C. Elston, Chantal N. Intone, Shelly M. Johnson, Levi S. Kennedy, Nora D. King, Luis Martinez, and Nicholas W. Sanders. These students will be winning certificates for Members of WHO’S Who Among Students In American Junior Colleges Pamela Sue Canary, John H. Chapman, III, Matthew Childs, John Conley, Heather Graves, Austin Lee, Casey Madsen, Luis Martinez, Christine McKenney, Lisa Montgomery, Gregory Ruddy, William Shaul, David A. Strausser, and Jessica Tretola. These students will be receiving the F.A.C.E Scholarship Awards: For Graduating/Transfer Award the students are Kullen Bailey, Jessica Rhodes for Returning Student Award the students are Chantel Batuk, Jennifer Greco, and Sonali Kumar.


America’s Got Talent : The Body Poets At FM


From traditional to “B-boy”, break dancing, The Body Poets, young men, in their 20’s, traveled to Johnstown from San Diego, California to show FM what they’re all about recently.

Originally a group of 15 guys, only three were able to fly out, Omeed, Nick, and JayCee. The three are currently touring around the states to get exposure for the group and do what they love to do, dance.

Their main goals always have been to travel around the states, where they have made it to season 6, America’s Got Talent.

Starting off in high school, the guys talk about where body poetry really started and how much they enjoyed dancing since then. They have all types of dances they enjoy incorporating in the shows. Mostly known as Street Dancing, everyone in the group is a b-boy dancer, contemporary and even tap dancers. According to Omeed and Nick.

Before getting to the fame, the group started off doing pre- shows in front of theatres, getting an audience to come in and watch the real shows going on inside.

Omeed explains how he had the opportunity to meet and work with Jabbawokeez, Kevin Brewer where he influenced him to keep The Body Poets going.

With four to five hours a day of practice and not so much time at home, the guys spend at least one month home in San Diego and back on the road. FM was the last show they performed at on the East Coast, where they are traveling back to their hometown and back on the road to Atlanta, Georgia. To check out the Body Poets, they are on twitter, YouTube and Facebook, under The Body Poets.

Locks Of Love

FM and BOCES Cosmetology students held its annual “Locks of Love” Benefit event recently.

Locks of Love is a where people donate their own hair to children that have lost their hair due to cancer and chemotherapy treatments.

She has been involved with lock locks of love for about five years along with Cristie Crawford, FM’s Coordinator who asked Mead to join the tradition.

Eleven Cosmetology students participated in this year’s event. Most were seniors who are graduating this year to earn their cosmetology degree. “ This event helps students realize that there is more than just working in a salon; they can think beyond themselves and help others,” said Julie mead, cosmetology instructor at Hamilton Fulton Montgomery Boces Career and Tech center.

Ashley Wilson, cosmetology stylist who was part of the event, said her teacher got her involved and now it’s an annual thing that they participate in. “its goes to a good cause. With hair you can make them [cancer patients] smile and change their day, week or even month,” said Wilson

More about this type of project can be found at

Job Fair

About 550 jobseekers had to the opportunity to talk to more than 70 employers at

FM’s Job Fair last month.


Patricia Hladik, a Job seeker from Gloversville, said, she was “looking for a sales-position and found the Job Fair helpful” and had the opportunity to meet so many prospects in one location.


Andrea Scribner, FM student affairs advisor, has been the person in charge for the last five years. Job fair has been running for at least 15 years and every year it gets bigger, she said.


The reason they hold the Job Fair is for students and local residents to come and try to get a job. They have to come dress looking professional and with a resume in hand to give to the jobseeker, she said.

Community Service Month

By:Perdita Sasu

Its April, that means it’s community service month. April the month to bring awareness to the community. Community service is voluntary work that helps people in local areas. There are people that are less fortunate that’s needs help with shelter, food, clothes, etc.

FM community outreach club has been involved with several community service work. Recently there was an event on FM campus called Locks of Love sponsored by Hamilton Fulton Montgomery(HFM) BOCES cosmetology department and FM’s community outreach club where ponytails and money were donated. According to, Locks of Love is a public non-profit organization that provides hairpieces to finally disadvantaged children in the U.S. and Canada under age 21,suffering from long-term medical hair loss from any diagnosis. Ten ponytails were donated an $275 was made during the event.

Another donation took place at the Recovery Sports Grill Amsterdam, this donation was held for an organization Dannielle’s House which is a shelter located in Amsterdam as well.Boxes went around FM’s campus to collect toiletries for the shelter.

On april 15 a bake sale will be held on campus . All proceeds will be donated to Conquer Chiari. Chiari Malformation is a serious neurological disorder where the bottom part of the brain, the cerebellum, descends out of the skull and crowds the spinal cord, putting pressure on both the brain and spine and causing many symptoms.

FM’ s community outreach club is a perfect example they show how community service should be done in volunteering and helping the community.

Participating with community service work can definitely teach you so many things. As a    individual you learn about yourself,the government,and also the community.


Corine Walker
Staff Writer

April is the month, many health care providers and community based organizations come around to inform people about STD’s and prevention efforts throughout the month. Getting tested is the main way of spreading awareness, young and old.

20 million new STD’s occur every year as well as many new HIV infections. Those with Sexually transmitted diseases are more likely to have HIV other than those who are STD free.

The most common STDs are chlamydia, herpes, and gonorrhea. Chlamydia is the most common for women.  While some STDs can be cured with antibiotics, some infections are life time diseases such as HIV/ AIDs.

Being diagnosed with Genital herpes make it 3 times the risk of being infected with HIV.

Many Americans who are infected, do not know until after they are tested. 1 in 5 Americans are infected with HIV and do not know. Sometimes there will be no sign or symptom of the infection. It’s up to you to take care of yourself, have safe sex and make sure your partner is STD free and gets tested as well.

The new Obama Care has made it easier for Americans to get help. The care will make sure patients get regularly screened for STDs and HIV as they do for high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

You can visit community clinics, pharmacy stores and Planned Parenthood to get tested and treated for STDs and HIV. It’s very easy, just a urine test and/ or a swab around the inside of your mouth. The results for HIV usually takes up to 30 minutes, as for other STDs, you would have to wait up to a week for results.

Japan Suspends Ongoing talks and Negotiations About Crimea

Corine Walker

The Russian President, Vladimir Putin signed an order for Crimea to become an independent state from The Ukraine.

The Japanese government stated they will start sanctions on Russia for pushing its influence and giving a Crimean vote to separate from the Ukraine. Governments from all over the world included the Group of Seven economic powers which Japan is in, condemned Moscow’s operation.  

The two countries have had recent feuds, where there been hoping for a peace treaty to finally be signed after all the meeting and summits.

“It’s deplorable that Russia recognized the independence of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, a move that violates Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity,” the Japanese foreign ministry said in a statement.

“Japan will suspend negotiations on easing visa requirements, and will not begin talks on new investment accord, an outer space accord and an accord aimed at preventing risky military activities.” also added.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshide Suga explained in a press conference that Japan is thinking about sanctions against Russia.

Nigerian Rape Crimes Constantly Increasing!

By- Shaunice Harris


According to the “”, Nigerian citizens are worried about the ongoing rape scandals in their country.

Citizens of Nigeria suggested extra security in hopes of protection and a decrease in rape victims. In the course of one week alone, there were up to ten headlining social media news story on different victims being raped.

Though, they are hoping for more protection, some still do not feel safe because there are so many rape acts a day, the people of Nigeria are not sure who to trust during this time. Also, due to the lack of evidence, the offender escapes justice and is let free.

According to the article, the most horrifying thing is that the offenders are attacking all ages of people. A recent offender was sexually offending little kids and infecting them with HIV/AIDS while aware of his disease.

These Rape acts have mentally damaged many of the victims, causing them to be traumatized nearly for life. Because of these vicious sex crimes, Nigerian Citizens has challenged the government to legislate more severe punishment for sex offenders. Also, they believe that at dress code is necessary for both men and women.