America Says “You’re Hired” to Donald Trump

Sending shockwaves across America, Donald Trump won the presidential election on Tuesday, November 8.

In nail-biting suspense, the two presidential candidates were head-to-head in a close race. Within the last two hours, Trump took the lead winning 287 of the electoral votes, but losing the popular vote.  America has not seen a race so close since Al Gore and George Bush in the 2000 election and the results are stunning to people across the nation, even FM students whoDonald Trump have chosen their own positions within the political spectrum.

“I’m a republican and I agree with Trump on most economic standpoints, but before a republican, I am a human and I couldn’t live with myself if I had a say in Donald Trump leading our country,” said Trevor Sweet, a freshman at FM. Sweet also added, “I honestly believe Hillary would have done well as president. I voted for her because of her, not because I think she is the lesser of two evils.”

Trump even faced opposition from some of his fellow republican politicians. Days before the election, Governor of Ohio, John Kasich stated, “It is very unlikely I vote for Donald Trump.” Kasich later revealed that he did a write-in, voting for John McCain.

Conversely, some students believe the system of checks and balances will make it difficult for Trump to take America in the wrong direction. FM student Jacob Cerasuolo said, “The president is more of a spokesperson than anything. Congress does a majority of the work.”

However, despite the unexpected results of the race and the victory of the unpopular candidate, Secretary Clinton remained calm and professional. Mid-election Clinton tweeted, “This team has so much to be proud of. Whatever happens tonight, thank you for everything.”

Several hours later, as Trump neared 270 electoral votes, Chairman of Clinton’s presidential campaign John Podesta announced that Clinton would not give a speech that night.

“We are so proud of you and so proud of her. She has always been with you… you’re in all of our hearts,” said Podesta.

Within the same hour, Trump overcame the 270 electoral votes to win the presidency.

The former Celebrity Apprentice host entered the stage to deliver his victory speech around 3 a.m. Trump announced that he had just received a phone call from Secretary Clinton congratulating him on his victory.

In his speech Trump told the American people, “Ours was not a campaign, but an incredible and great movement… It is time for us to come together as one united people.”

Trump also congratulated Clinton for her hard work and dedication stating, “Hillary has worked very hard for a long period of time.”

Trump will be the 45th President of the United States, taking office on January 20.

Tuition Rising at FM

By: Jeanne Winton.


As a result of economic strain, colleges around the country, including FM, have had to raise tuition.

“I think everybody expects that costs increase,” said President Swanger, in response to FM’s recent tuition raise.

Swanger went on to say that he usually tries to raise costs in small increments around

$50-70, unlike the $300 increase FM had this year which according to Swanger was, “much higher than I would have liked to have seen, but necessary given the lack of state support that we’ve been seeing over the last couple years.”

Community college tuition is supposed to receive a third of the funding from the state, the counties, and the students. Due to disproportionate funding, the dynamic has shifted in a way that the student now fosters 45% of the costs instead of the original 33%.

Many colleges have been affected by economic troubles, some experiencing around a 3-4% increase in their tuition.

With schools like Penn State and John Hopkins experiencing major tuition raises, some up to $700 in difference, it’s expected that smaller schools would also be affected. Swanger also spoke about how classrooms have evolved, and classes are expected to utilize multimedia technology, raising the cost of attending classes.

Miss Fulton County Visits FM

 By: Imran Suhail 

miss-fulton-county-newOn Friday November 4, the Miss Fulton County/ Miss Montgomery County Scholarship Pageant graced Fulton Montgomery Community College with its presence looking for fresh recruits.

The 2017 Miss Fulton County Scholarship Pageant will be held on January 14, 2017 at 7 p.m. in the Gloversville Middle School. This year, for the first time in its prestigious 48 year history, the annual pageant will also be crowning a Miss Montgomery County. Applications will be due on December 1, 2016. Women between the ages of 17-24 can compete.

The contest consists of five phases. It begins with a 10 minute interview, then an onstage question. Afterwards contestants showcase their various talents followed by an eveningwear and swimwear display to end the night.

Representing the pageant at FM was Miss Fulton County Lexi Swat who was there to teach about this great local past time. As well as what it’s like to be a pageant contestant and winner.

Swat began her pageant career at the young age of seven and she was crowned Miss Fulton County in January of last year. Including Miss Fulton County she has been awarded 10 pageant titles. She says that competing in the contests has helped her gain a lot of self-confidence.

Off the stage she is now a post graduate communications major who is interning for the Bleacher Report, a reputable sports journalism organization, where she is learning a lot about the craft of media. Swat wants to learn more about editing, publishing, producing, and directing.

She said, “I use my past as a student at FM and my continued participation through the Miss America Organization to grow and succeed not only as a professional but as a human.”

Students are encouraged to apply by the deadline and not only have the chance at winning a scholarship and competition but, like Lexi Swat, the opportunity to join a wonderful organization that will help them with their future successes in life.