It’s Not Only About What You Stand For, But For Who You Stand With

White Privilege has been used to identify the privileges and opportunities offered by American society to anyone who is Caucasian and not a member of an ethnic group.

Art Munin, an inspirational speaker, recently spoke to FM students on this topic. Munin’s presentation on white privilege took aim on what changes can be made by working together.

“Stories challenge and affect us as who we are and where we are going,” Munin goes on to say, “Story telling is powerful when we put faith and belief in them.”

White privilege is scarcely acknowledged

It is a topic that should bring people together to work as one towards a better future. It is a topic he believes should be spoken about with motivation to bring not only change within the audience he presents to, but for it to be carried out into the community where they live.

He spoke of the conflicting views held by historic figures like President Lincoln on slavery. Although Lincoln is seen as a man for ending slavery, in September 1858, President Lincoln said, “I will say, then, that I am not, nor ever have been, in favor of bringing about in anyway the social and political equality of the white and black races.”

Munin also spoke of how the press played a role of racism during hurricane Katrina. A picture of a young black man is seen as to have “looted” a grocery store while a picture below of a white man and woman were seen as “finding” food from a grocery store..

It starts with one

“What do you do for your community? It is about community and meeting the people who want to make a change. Community starts with you, ” he said.

Munin’s work can be seen on his website

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