Wall Street Club Students Are Investing in Their Futures

By: Crystal Baumes, Brandon Bang, Ian Gifford

Dale Spraker is not relying on his salary or bank account for his financial security, even at this young age. The S&P 500, NASDAQ, and Dow Jones are now part of this general studies major’s everyday life.

Spraker says that he was interested in company stocks before starting college, but said after taking an economics class (which influenced him to join the Wall Street Club) his interest has peaked.

He currently has about 15 to 20 shares and plans to continue in investing in stocks. The Club regularly watches these trends and tries to make predictions about what will happen in the market.

Ever since his 18th birthday, when you are legally eligible to buy shares, he has been investing in a variety of stocks. By joining the Wall Street Club, Spraker says that he has gained the resources to enhance his investment skills and plans to continue investing in the stock market.

“Being an economist is like being a weatherman, because we both follow patterns, watch signs, and make educated guesses about what will happen,” said Spraker.

The FM student is a general studies major and is an aspiring teacher. He is the treasurer of the campus Wall Street Club.

Investing in stocks and buying shares may seem to be a daunting and risky venture, but the members of the Wall Street Club have been studying on how to become skilled in this sometime lifelong endeavor.

Diversifying your portfolio and keeping up with the stock market may not seem like a daily task for a college student. But there is a group of students that are on the constant watch for the daily numbers to come out on the ticker.

The Wall Street Club meets regularly to discuss stocks, make predictions and track trends in the stock market.

About five students attend the meetings regularly this semester. The club is always open to new members. The current students are not just business majors, but students that vary in different areas of studies.

The club teaches students how to make money, the fundamentals of investments, stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Members discuss the world and domestic economies, as well as some politics.

The club’s ultimate goal is to learn about investing and enjoy it. The club has taken a field trip every year. The first year, Spring 2010, the club went to Siena College in Albany. Last year they travelled to New York City and are planning another trip there for this spring too.

The club meets every second and fourth Friday, 12:00 – 1:00 pm in room C024. The club is advised by Professor Laurence Zuckerman and Professor Frank Yunker.

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