What’s safer…escorted campus safewalks or a cell phone?

Safewalks are scheduled through the Safety Department

By: Dorian Martinez, Morgan Frisch and Brittany Lennon

Do you think cell phones are giving people a false sense of security? Yes they are. Cell phones can make people think they don’t have to do much when it comes to safety measures. It can also make people less aware of their surroundings. Just because you have a cell phone on hand does not mean you shouldn’t be aware of other ways you can call for help when needed.

Beginning in 2005, Safe Walk has been apart of our campus. Safe Walk is a program designed to make students feel safer, walking to their cars at any time after 5 p.m. By asking someone in public safety you can have an officer or a student affiliated with the program assist you to your vehicle at a designated time.  Along with the safe walk 11 blue lights are placed around the campus that can be pressed at the time of emergency

Mark Pierce the director of public safety is the head officer in the program. He said, “although the safe walk is still in effect, its use has been diminishing in the last few years.” Safe walk started seven years ago but the program being used less, is due to the school parking lot landscape being altered and the increase in cell phone usage. There are less trees and shrubs, making the entire lot visible.

The rise in cell phone use is also a questionable factor in people feeling safer around campus. Although safe walk may not be a high activity at FM, state universities such as U Albany and Oneonta continue to use the program.

We feel this Safe Walk program is much needed by all college students and well appreciated by those students who needed to contact an officer for guidance. It’s always smart to put safety first and to feel safe at a school you are attending. Here are some safety tip links for college students:




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