Jeremy Sherman Leaving for New Job

By Ian C. Gifford

Jeremy Sherman, coordinator of student activities and advisor for the Student Activities Club, will be leaving shortly for a new position.

In a couple weeks Sherman will be starting a new job at Excelsior College in Albany where he will be an academic advisor in the school of nursing. Excelsior College is an online school that offers programs in Business, Health Sciences, Liberal Arts, Nursing, and Technology.

His time will be spent “guiding students through the program” and working with caseloads and with non-traditional students.

High populations of students at Excelsior College that Sherman will be working with are active in the military.

Sherman believes that this is a “population that needs service,” and has faith in being able to bring the skills to the table to do the job.

Sherman said that he could be working with one student on a military base in Texas and then another in a small town in rural Alaska.

The new job is a step in the right direction Sherman feels as he explains the new challenges he will face.  “I am good at a lot of things, and I take pride in that,” Sherman says.

In 2002 Sherman graduated from FMCC with an associates in arts in general studies. Following FM Sherman went to Siena and graduated in 2004 as a history major. He says that Siena taught him to be “diverse and marketable,” which he plans to use in his new job.

After finishing his master’s degree at St. Rose in 2008, Sherman got his job here at FMCC. Being able to “diversify your skill set” is very important in landing new jobs Sherman says.

“Spending time with students,” was his favorite part about working here and says that he has “no regrets and had a very fun and eventful career here.”

The Student Activities Board will continue without him. FM will conduct a search for the coordinator of student activities for a replacement.

Moving on to a new job Sherman is excited. His plans for the future are becoming a dean of students or a dean of a college.

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