Student Government Discusses Upcoming Elections

By Stephanie Jones

The Student Government elections are fast approaching, candidate sign-ups will be held from March 1st to March 15th.

Interested candidates should see Brenda Darling in the Student Government office downstairs in the Student Union. Student Government elections will be held on April 2nd and 3rd.

The newly formed Community Outreach Club was accepted into the Student Government at their first meeting of the Spring 2012 semester on February 9th.The club was allocated a budget of $460 for the remainder of the semester. The Community Outreach Club is a community assistance club that is interested in helping food pantries and participating in volunteer community service acts.

Kevin Jones, the athletic director for FMCC Raiders, requested and was approved for $9,660 for the men and women’s regional championships. Jones explained that the amount of money required for the trip would depend on the success of the two teams at regionals. The requested funds cover transportation, meals, hotel fees, and tee shirts for both teams.

A recent study of the treasurer’s stipend policy showed that treasurer’s elected in the fall were receiving more money for less work than treasurer’s elected in the spring. It was moved and agreed that the stipend would be proportionate to the amount of work. Treasurers for the student government will now receive 30% in the fall semester, and 70% of funds in the spring semester.

An amendment was also made to the vehicle policy. The new amendment doesn’t allow clubs to bump another club or organization from requesting a vehicle if the request was made within 10 days. The original policy stated that clubs had priority over organizations. The new amendment allows for fairness when clubs and organizations are requesting vehicles for trips and outings.

Some last minute announcements included; the appreciation and acceptance of an award for A.W.A.R.E. in their efforts to raise $106.15 for cystic fibrosis, the SGA is having a ski package raffle to benefit cancer research. Last year they raised over $400.They are hoping to raise $500 this year.

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