Feel the Love with Locks of Love

By: Dorian Martinez

Hair donations are often being made to the Locks of Love organization. Locks of Love is an organization for people who lost their hair due to diseases such as leukemia and cancer. They make wigs out of real hair and also do haircuts, manicures and feather extensions. For hair to be donated, it must be ten inches long and in a ponytail or braid. If ten inches of hair cannot be donated, a donation of ten dollars can be made.

Fulton Montgomery Community College has annual fundraisers for Locks of Love. Their fundraisers have been going on for three years and have been very successful. Last year’s fundraiser at FM collected six ponytails and raised $625.

The people behind the Fulton Montgomery’s fundraiser are staff members, Christie Crawford, Lacey Thomas and Gwen Ossenkop. The three women were aware of the Locks of Love organization, did research and reached out to the BOCES School. The School is a vocational school that happens to be right next door to the FM Campus. Fulton Montgomery works with their cosmetology program for their fundraisers. The cosmetologist are the people doing the hands on work as far as the haircutting and manicuring and Fulton Montgomery plays more of the advertising and marketing role on campus.

When asked how the preparation process and watching the outcome of their annual fundraiser event makes them feel, Christie Crawford replied “We love it, we get so excited and we have a great time. It’s one of those things that you love about your job and it doesn’t feel like work at all.”

Locks of Love have been a growing organization that Fulton Montgomery continues to help grow. FM’s annual fundraiser event is taking place Tuesday April 17, 2012 from 10-2pm on the Fulton Montgomery Campus. It’s going to take place under their student development center. If you plan on stopping by and donating hair make sure you check out the hair donating guidelines on the Locks of Love website. You can also further your knowledge on supporting or getting involved with the Locks of Love organization by visiting their website: www.locksoflove.org

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