What is the PTK(Phi Theta Kappa)

By Brandon Bang

            Phi Theta Kappa (PTK), if someone who hear first time, it sounds weird and strange. Especially, this title is unfamiliar with international students. Kevin Choi, one of South Korea students, said, “When I saw the poster of PTK at first time, I thought kind of clubs related religions or fashions.” Also, many students do not know how to speak this tittle exactly.

PTK is the largest international honor society for two-year colleges and academic programs, particularly community colleges. PTK is honor society with more than 2.5 million members and 1,275 chapters located in all 50 of the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Germany, Etc.

According to the Fulton Montgomery Community College (FMCC) PTK advisor, Michael V. Daly said, “PTK was founded around 100 years ago, and if students can become members of PTK, it is really helpful and useful chance for future lives.”

Also, Mr. Daly said, “The main purpose of PTK is many four-year colleges and universities all over the world attract the best transfer students to their campuses by offering transfer scholarships designated for PTK members only. Especially, PTK recognizes and encourages scholarships among two-year college students. Also, PTK provides opportunities for the development of leadership from a lot of beneficial programs.”

From PTK honor society, more than $37 million in transfer scholarships available to PTK members and available at over 700 four-year colleges and universities.

Most colleges and universities have clubs of PTK, FMCC also has an active club of PTK; Fulton-Montgomery Scholastic Association (Phi Theta Kappa) club. According to the Mr. Daly who is FMCC PTK advisor said, “In FMCC, we had forty PTK students last 2011 fall semester, this 2012 spring semester, we have 216 PTK students in FMCC.”

Also, he said, “Anyone whoever interested in PTK honor society can join the Fulton-Montgomery Scholastic Association (Phi Theta Kappa) club, not only PTK members. We offer many of beneficial programs, such as advanced leadership training, how to speak and write resume, and academic motivated activities.”

Now, the Fulton-Montgomery Scholastic Association (Phi Theta Kappa) club has 9 members. If someone who are interested in PTK and want to get information of PTK, you can join the club every Wednesday, 12:00PM at C203 class room.

Finally, how can I be a member of PTK? Mr. Daly said, “Students who earned at least a 3.5 GPA after taking a minimum of twelve credits at least one semester. If you achieve this condition, PTK will choose and send a letter or e-mail to you.”

However, many international students who achieved this condition of PTK, usually do not know that they are PTK members or not. Because PTK sent a letter to their home countries. One of FMCC international student who would become a new member of PTK, Junseok KIM, he said, “I also did not know that I became the member of PTK. I heard from other students who PTK member, and I visited the Mr. Daly office in library, he said to me that PTK send a letter to my home country, South Korea. We double checked about information and I finally became the member of PTK. MY parents and friends are proud of me. I also really glad be a PTK member. I think that it will helpful when I transfer to other universities and apply for a scholarship.”

If you also think already achieved condition of PTK, but you cannot get any letter from PTK, do not worry about it, and just go to the Michael V. Daly in FMCC library. He will check your information the list of PTK.

If you have more questions about PTK, do not hesitate, there are three PTK advisors in FMCC. Michael V Daly, Colleen Sanders, Laurie Freeman. Just, visit or email to them. I am sure you will get a lot of information what you expected from them.

PTK New Inductees
Adrianna Alejandro Nancy Bramer Skyler Decker
Elizabeth Fisher Susan Howard Jennifer Jordan
Courtney Lee Angelina Brooks Justin Carey
Alexandria Chace John Chapman Michael Countryman
Gina DaBiere-Gibbs James DeJong Michelangelo Dematties
Anthony Giordano Ryan Greco David Hayes
Alisha Holcomb Carl Jackson Shelly Johnson
Kleigh Kelley Nathaniel Ligon David McDougall
Regina Miller Lisa Miner Divya Mohan
Lauren Mosher Dominic Picciocca Santa Pumpura
Christina Quackenbush Jeff Reed Amanda Richardson
James Tessitore Paul Tino Daniel Van Buren
Julie Van Wormer Joshua Wells Aaron White

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