FM presents green day

By. Morgan Frisch 

Spring has arrived and soon enough it will be earth day. To start the season off FMCC is teaming up with Liberty to host a spring clean-up/ green day from 10-2, Friday, April 20.

FM’s Civility Committee is actively working with Liberty to put on this event. The week of April 16-20 happens to be Civility Week.   John Van Bladel, psychology instructor, who is spearheading green day, said there are three components to civility; emotional, ethical and environmental.

Green day, which is part of the environmental component  is more than just cleaning up around campus it proposes the question, what type of environment do we want to create? Last semester Liberty teamed with FM to build a vegetable garden on campus. Now in the spring, the garden needs to be tended. If all goes as planned the goal is to grow the vegetables for the local community. However, not only are volunteers needed to help with the garden, but to plant grass and help pick up debris around campus. Groups will be split into teams to work on different projects at a time.

This event is being held to make a better environment for our campus. But not only is it doing that it is being used to raise awareness. A total of 6-8 booths will be placed outside including, a plant exchange, a table about vegan lifestyle, indoor plants and health and a sustainability table.

So far the community service club, business club and building peace class are getting involved with this event. If anyone is interested they can meet up outside at the designated time, and bring a rake or any other tools that they think would be appropriate. “It’s a start, from installing the garden last semester; hopefully it will continue to be an annual event,” Van Bladel said. Any questions or ideas should be emailed to John Van Bladel or you can stop into his office.

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