Foreign Language Club

By: Dorian Martinez

Here at FM, there is now a foreign language club!

This club invites students to be a part of and learn about different cultures and languages. Every Friday at noon, the club meets in room C205 with club president Leishla Bouchard. Attending the meetings, students will learn more about the cultures and/or family origins of their fellow members. Not only will you just learn about the different cultures but club members will also participate in activities that promote language proficiency.

The activities that will be involved are “Cultural Quotient”, “Language Jeopardy”, Multilingual Scrabble, Bingo and much more. Major activities that the club will have are a Foreign Food Fest and cultural seminars. The great thing about being in this club is the members will be able to assist each other with the language acquisition and learning process.

The Foreign Language Club will also participate in fundraising activities such as bake sales and raffles. Fundraising will be used to cover the cost of current and future activities. Besides striving to promote and celebrate the cultural diversity and language proficiency, the clubs biggest goal is to take a trip to Montreal.

If you’re interested, and want to educate yourself while having fun participating in activities and cool trips, come pay a visit and check out the new Foreign Language Club at FM!

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