SGA Officers Unopposed

By Crystal Baumes

SGA recently scheduled elections for officers. However, with the lack of involvement on campus, the students who ran for office were unopposed and automatically won. The seats are still waiting to be approved by the senate.

Aaron White, a member of Elech Tech, ran for President. Ashley Horning ran for Vice President. This will be her second year on the e-board. Frank Ryan Jr, also a member of Elech Tech will be serving his second year as Student Trustee. Santa Pumpura will be Treasurer. Dana M. Stortecky, who is in the business program, will hold the Secretary position. Another member of Elech tech, Jeff Reed, will be the sophomore Senator.

The SGA will hold elections in the fall semester for Freshman Senator.

Being involved on the e-board can be beneficial to you. Members get a parking sticker, there own offices, and get paid for their efforts. They meet once a week and learn things that benefit them in the future. Members are invited to attend SUNY Assemblies once a semester that teach them a variety of different skills.

Brenda Darling said that she doesn’t understand why students are involved on campus, and how beneficial it is to become involved. We may be a small school, but this school can give its student a lot of opportunities, especially by participating in one of the many clubs it offers.