600 Set to Graduate

         By.Morgan Frisch

Applaud the Class of 2012 as graduation is already here! A total of 600 hundred students are invited to attend the commencement ceremony to be held at 7.p.m Friday, May 18, in the gymnasium.

An academic award ceremony will be held on Thursday night.

This is the first time students who graduated in August and  December are allowed to take part in the graduation ceremony.

“We hope for a big turnout,” Darcelle Winchell, commencement coordinator, said, adding there is no limitations to the numberof people a graduate can invite.” If there is an  overflow crowd ,the ceremony we’ll be televised in the theater. Tickets are not needed to attend.

Speaking for the crowd is Madina Alam   a general studies major who is transferring to Stony Brook   to study psychology.

Marc Butler Assemblymen,  117th district ,will deliver the keynote address.

The Chancellor’s Award for Excellence will be presented by President Dustin Swanger after which Dr. Gregory  Trunkenmiller will present the candidates with degrees and certificates.

Nursing and Radiologic Technology graduates will also receive their school pin.

Student participating in the graduation should report to the main lobby of the Classroom Building with cap, and gown no later than 6 p.m. A reception for the graduates and families will be held immediately after the ceremony in the College Union.

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