Congratulations to Suny Chancellor Award Recipients!

By: Dorian Martinez

Marie Thomas and Hei-Lamm (Harry) Fong are two of our fellow Fulton-Montgomery students and they were both winners of this year’s Suny Chancellor Award.

The Chancellor is the head of New York State and the award is given out as recognition of student excellence. The Chancellor’s award is given out to two students each school year. To receive this award, students have to have an average of 3.2 or higher, made some form of contribution to the school and/or community throughout the school year, and must be nominated by teachers or students. Once students are nominated, paper work on the students is sent out for review and eligibility for the student.

I was able to speak with Thomas and I asked her what did winning the Chancellor’s award mean to her. She said, “Winning the Chancellor’s award was a huge honor and a pivotal moment.” She also expressed how grateful she is to when the award and how memorable it’s going to be to her. I wasn’t able to catch up with Fong because he has transferred and is no longer at FM.

Marie Thomas and Hei-Lamm (Harry) Fong were chosen as winners for this award out of 257 other people. Along with winning this outstanding award, both students have achieved and demonstrated a great deal of excellence while attending FM.

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