New Music Club on Campus

By.Morgan Frisch

A talent show and the relay for life cancer benefit are just two activities the newly formed Music Club has been involved in this year.

The music club ran by Jeff Reed, president and Chris Renda, vice president has already attracted around 25 members. All of which bring their own instruments to play. The music taste of the club is very diverse and there is always room to jump on someone else’s instrument and learn, Renda said.

The Music Club successfully performed at, and put on the talent show which not only attracted 130 people but served as a great fundraiser.

They plan on performing at the Relay for Life Cancer Benefit June 15th, at Amsterdam high school.

“ It’s full of fun, easygoing, and good people,” said Samantha Cooper club member.

The music club meets on Monday’s during common hour in room L 009. They also rehearse on Thursday evenings in the theater and will continue to do so throughout the summer.

Vice president Chris Renda said, “We are always looking for new members, and want to be the biggest, strongest club at FM.

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