2012: The Choice

By: Anthony Auspelmyer, Staff Writer

Never before has America seen a Presidential election of this magnitude.

In less than a month, on November 6th, voters will take to the polls to decide the future of our nation. In one corner is the challenger, Republican nominee Mitt Romney. In the other, the Democratic candidate and current President, Barack Obama.

The stage has been set for one of the most historic elections in our nation’s history. Both candidates agree that the choice voters make will be very clear. This is certainly not an election based on who is the better guy, but who has the better platform.

President Obama has stressed the importance of his healthcare plan as well as the slow but steady increase in the economy. His revival of the American auto industry and his successful end to the hunt for Osama Bin Laden have also been key points in his campaign. In regards to his platform for this term the President’s agenda includes creating more jobs, & continuing to stabilize the economy. During his campaign Obama has used the theme “Forward” to urge voters not to go back on the changes that have been made during his 1st term in office.

Governor Romney has been on the attack since day one of his campaign trail. Whether it be his opposition for the Republican spot in the election, or the current President himself, Romney has been quick to point out the changes that have not been made. The Massachusetts Gov. has pushed voters to remember that the economy has not been completely fixed and claims he is the guy to do it. Many republicans agree that Romney is the guy to fix the economy because of his history of running successful businesses. However, those who oppose the Republican candidate point to his past of outsourcing jobs to foreign countries.

One thing will be clear by the morning of November 7th, which path do the people want to choose? Some say it’s a lost cause and either candidate will continue to do a poor job. Others think the outcome of this year’s election can change the country permanently.

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