Benefits of Taking Winter/Summer Courses

by Vinnie DePalma, staff writer

Winter and summer break is a time many students use to recuperate from the semester they just endured; however, it can be a time to lighten up future semesters workloads.

 Individuals spend 16 weeks a semester studying a minimum of 5 or 6 subjects as a full-time student. The workload at times can be overbearing.  Using your winter and summer break to lighten up your schedule during the two major semesters can work as a benefit for most.  Kevin Winnie, student at FM said, “Taking a course during the summer allowed me to focus on that subject and succeed.”

While not every course is offered during the breaks, there are a variety of courses that can benefit a student.  Nursing students  can benefit from knocking out a required general liberal arts course over winter break, allowing more study time for the subjects they have lined up for the spring semester.  That is just one example of how the breaks between semesters can benefit students.

Mary Jo Ferrauilo-Davis, director of advisement counseling and testing said, “It can also help a student stay on track to graduate in two years.”  Financial aid is not available for the winter session.  Davis suggests if a student received a refund from the fall semester through Pell or a student loan, set some money aside to use during the winter semester.

Davis also shared that financial aid is available during the summer sessions.  Students are able to apply for a Pell grant or student loans if they choose to sign up for courses during that time.

Students are encouraged to make sure they are on track to graduate after two years and if they are short subjects the winter and summer breaks are a great place to make them up.  Taking a break is nice, but applying the break throughout your education at FM can lead to greater rewards.

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