Students Can Suggest Campus Entertainment

By: Maria Almonte, Staff Writer

The Student Activities Office is place many students aren’t informed about. It was created to bring all students together outside of classrooms in a diverse cultural, social, and ethnic learning community.

Student Activities provides programs for both residential and commuting students. Student Activities is opened to any student who has an idea for a workshop or event on something they would like to see happen on campus. Many students don’t know they can provide their ideas to Student Activities and it can actually be approved and happen.

All activities are posted on portal along with flyers on bulletin boards around the school. Since activities are always being changed or added portal is the number one way to be informed. Activities for residential students are also posted on flyers around the apartment buildings and on a TV in the Raiders Hall.

Future activities provided by Student Activities consist of, fan buses for college basketball games that will take students to away games. There is no charge to take the bus but students will just have to pay the fee at the college to watch the game depending on each school. There will also be a cooking program for residential students taking them to Liberty and having a holiday baking party. Towards the end of the semester there will be foot massages and massage chairs for relaxation provided to all students. Also a transfer workshop will be provided for residential students in the Raiders Hall on November 20.

Student Activities has many events coming up and are open to any suggestions throughout the school year. For more information or suggestions contact, Student Activities Coordinator Gwen Ossenkop, in the Student Activities Office located in the student union building. You can also contact Assistant Director of Res Life, Audrey Egelston, in the Raiders Hall apartment building.

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