Writing on the Walls

By Megan Siegle, Staff Writer

Your mother would usually yell at you for writing on the walls at home, but not at the Evan’s Library at FMCC.

The Evans Library has placed white walls throughout the college for students to communicate their ideas, comments, and suggestions towards a better library. Students are being encouraged to use the white walls because the library really wants to know what you have to say!

According to Mike Daly, Librarian, there are two major goals for putting the white walls in. “One, to enhance/colorize what had been a rather stale space.  The white board walls allow us and students to bring much needed colors – and changing colors – into the Evans Library.  Two, to have an extended conversation with everyone who uses the Evans Library.  We’re well aware of how many people use the Evans Library every day (well over 1000) and the white board walls allow us to interact with those users as well as for users to interact with us in new, exciting ways”.

Daly isn’t exactly sure where the idea for the boards came from. “I know that it wasn’t an original brilliant idea! Other academic libraries have done variations of this; sometimes it’s a large easel that students can leave comments on, or a wall of sticky notes, or markers to write temporary constructions walls, etc.  As the Evans Library was being prepared to be repainted last summer we decided this was a great opportunity to try something new,” he added.

Evans Library is satisfied with the number of walls at the moment, and don’t see an increase in white boards in the near future. The library, however, is pleased with the positive feedback they have gotten from other departments.

Daly is beyond pleased with the white boards. “We’ve been thrilled with the reception the walls have received and the creative ways that we – and students – have begun to use them. If you haven’t been in the Library lately, check out the huge, incredibly detailed announcement of the upcoming Talent Show (11/16/12 in the FM Theater) sponsored by the Musicans’ Club.  Uses such as this are exactly what we had in mind – students recognizing that the spaces that have been put in place for them can really be about them.  An added bonus is that libraries are (still) about information; the white board walls are just a new way to share information.”

For more information on the white board walls in the library, visit Evans Library yourself and check it out! You can also visit Mike Daly or email him at mdaly@fmcc.suny.edu with any questions!

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