FM’s Helping Hand

by Greg Crawford Staff writer

Imagine for just a second that you have to be a full time student here at Fm along with concerns of supporting a family. This would make the financial situation at home very dicey but four lucky students will receive a special gift from The Business Club.

The gift came from the holiday drive that provides gifts, food baskets, and gift cards for grocery stores in the area. The food baskets and some gift cards were given to the families for Thanksgiving. While the gift cards and presents were given out for Christmas.

The numbers of people who are going to be receiving the gifts over the holiday season total 21 people. The four students where picked by Sally James Business Club advisor with help from the faculty.

Final preparations of the gift basket should be completed soon. It only seems correct that the members of Business Club should get recognition for what they did this holiday season, James said. The members of the club include advisors James and Charlene Dylan, along with student members Gabrielle Tripsas, Dana Stortkey, Robert Taylor, Lisa Lair, Kerry Putnam, Christine Mckenney, Emma Link, and Nick Lilley.

The holiday drive for James means, “provide gifts and food for the holiday season that are part of the FM community” .

The Business Club has been holding drive for the last seven years and has always given aid to families who are in desperate need.

Just remember to follow the example of the Business Club and give back to the community wherever you maybe from while on the winter break because are not just about gifts and your family remember to help people that are less fortunate then yourselves.

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