Toys For Tots at FMCC

By Andre Jones, Staff Writer

Students in FMCC’s Graphic Arts and Photography Club are sponsoring their annual “Toys for Tots” program.

The goal of the program is to uplift less privileged children with a new toy on Christmas.  The new toy is delivered to send a hopeful message and assist the children in becoming responsible and productive members of society.

Residents of each community can drop new toys in boxes stationed at local businesses. The local coordinators retrieve the toys and place them in warehouses to be sorted according to age and sex. On Christmas day the toys are distributed to the children.

John Pedowski of Gloversville runs the local “Toys for Tots” campaign and has worked with the Graphic Arts and Photography Club for over 10 years.

Prof. Joseph A. Marcuccio, advisor for GA and Photography Club, said,  “Our club has donated a number of toys valued at $60.00”

“We’re looking for more donations before Christmas,” he added. Posters for the program have been designed by the club and are posted around the campus. The posters have bright Christmas lights as well as teddy bears and a doll to catch your attention.

There is a Toys for Tots box located at the entrance of FMCC Evans library for students to make donations. Contact Joseph A. Marcuccio for more information about how your club or organization can contribute to this excellent program.

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