Outrageously Priced Christmas Gifts

By: Maria Almonte, Staff Writer

When thinking about upcoming holidays, you might say they’re all about showing how much you care about your loved ones or someone special in your life by giving and receiving gifts and spending time with them.

That’s what the holidays are truly all about. But, have you ever stopped to think about what gifts there are that are extremely expensive or outrageously priced and people actually spend their money them.

This year the most outrageously priced holiday gifts are of course jewelry, accessories, and clothing.

For women the gifts are jewelry and for men both clothing and accessories. The top three highly priced gifts for women on Nordstrom.com are a Robert Coin diamond and mother-of-pearl doublet ring with 18-karat of rose gold, diamond, mother-of-pearl, and crystal doublet for $4,700.

A TAG Heuer ‘carrera’ diamond two-tone stainless steel watch with 67 diamonds set in 18-karat gold rim and mother-of-pearl dial for $6,700.

Lastly, the Bony Levy diamond stud earrings with sparkling round diamonds secured in a three-pong setting of 18-karat white gold for $12,955.

On the other hand the top three highly priced holiday gifts for men on Nordstrom.com are a Salvatore Ferragamo ‘apogeo’ messenger bag for $1,900 and a Salvatore Ferragamo ‘revival’ bag for $2,100. And there is an Alex & Co. single-breasted leather coat with genuine shearling leather for $2,495.

Tiffany & Co. is one of the most expensive companies with outrageously priced gifts for the holidays. For women the top three include a Victoria alternating narrow platinum bracelet with marquise and round diamonds from the Tiffany’s Victoria collection for $29,500. A Tiffany Bezet yellow diamond ring in platinum with a yellow diamond in an 18-karat gold bezel setting for $30,300. Lastly, a Tiffany Circlet necklace with round diamonds in platinum for $39,000.

Tiffany & Co. holiday gifts for men include a square link 18-karat gold 20” necklace for $6,500. The Atlas chronograph stainless steel mechanical movement watch for $8,800 and the Atlas 18-karat white gold mechanical movement watch for $16,600.

The holidays are not all about what gift you give to someone whether its something expensive or fancy but the thought that counts. The smallest gift can make someone just as happy even if you spent no money on it and made it yourself. But, there are many gifts each year ridiculously priced that are bought all around the world.

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