Sustainability Statement

By John Anthony, Staff Writer

FM has adopted a Sustainability Statement that is both an internal and outward statement of the college’s commitment to sustainable practices.

As a means of reducing FM’s impact on the environment, faculty members are encouraged to turn off the lights, as well as other electronic devices, after class. This becomes especially important if another class does not immediately follow in the same room.

Faculty and students are also encouraged to move away from bottled beverages and use the two “hydration stations” to fill reusable water bottles. The stations, sponsored by SGA, are located in the Physical Education building, and in the hallway linking the classroom building to the Visual Arts building. Some may have concerns about the quality and taste of the water, but they shouldn’t worry, according to Mike Darby.

“The hydration stations don’t just fill water bottles, they filter the water as well,” Darby said.

These measures are prompted by FM’s Sustainability Committee, which focuses on increasing awareness of current and future sustainability efforts on campus and in the community, according to Dan Towne.

“By contributing, you are helping. By helping, you are making a difference – and we thank you for that,” Towne said.

The Sustainability Statement can be read at:

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