The Cherry Orchard Impresses

By Megan Siegle, Staff Writer

The production of The Cherry Orchard at FMCC’s theatre on Friday November 30th was excellent. The actors delivered a great performance and my expectations were met through acting, costume, and scenery.

The Cherry Orchard is a play set in a cold cherry orchard in Russia. It is about a family who used to be very wealthy. They eventually lose all their money and were struggling to pay the bills. At the end of the production the family ends up losing the cherry orchard at an auction.

A very evident theme of this play is the struggle over memory. Many characters try very hard to remember certain things of the past as well as forget them.  Jason Radalin, director of FM’s production of The Cherry Orchard, most definitely conveyed this theme. With the help of the actors, the audience could feel the pain and the suffering each character was going through. One was able to tell that Lyubov Andreevna Ranevskaya was trying so hard to remember life at the cherry orchard as well as forget the terrible drowning of her son.

The actors did a fantastic job conveying the themes of this play as well. Beki Silva did a great job as Lyubov Andreenva Ranevskaya. She was absolutely beautiful too. The audience could really hear the distress and sadness in her voice and it was evident in her mannerisms. Frankie Ortiz played one of my favorite roles, Anya. Ortiz plays a sweet girl and her own sweet personality shined on stage. Armondo Jiminez was fabulous. Watching him play Yasha was a treat. He has grown into a great actor who really did a great job on stage. Andy Haag played a great Boris. It was funny and entertaining. Kyle Adriance, Tim Bartik, Same Bartholf, Ashley Detor, Tristan Wile, Edwin Vazquez, Yadira Roman, and Angel Marie Blue all did a fantastic job and contributed a great deal to the production. Overall, Lou Pabon stole my heart with a fantastically entertaining job as Firs Nikolaevich.

The set and props were breath taking. When the lights came up on the orchard, the power pinks and light colors were unbelievably beautiful.

The production of The Cherry Orchard overall was great. I thought the director, the actors, the scenery, and even the stage crew, were all together with how they wanted to convey the theme and ideas of the play. I most definitely glad I went to see the show because I admire those who get on stage and perform. I’m glad I spent my Friday evening at FMCC’s production of The Cherry Orchard.

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