Campus Growth Means Change For Fulmont College Association

By: Maria Almonte, Staff Writer 

Fulmont College Association is a nonprofit college organization that has grown within the past years and many students, staff members, and the community aren’t aware. It has grown from a small company to a large, from the bookstore and food services to owning the campus apartments. Any faculty member or student is part of FCA.

FCA deals with projects on campus including Books and Bites, Union Station, Residential Life, and the newest addition to FM the Raider’s Cove. FCA works together with the college to provide students with services here on campus.

FCA recently met and had a meeting where President Dustin Swanger introduced the strategic plan to the rest of the members. The plan was developed at a retreat with other executive members of FCA.

The plan consisted of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and goals about FCA. Some strengths include good organizational structure throughout campus, enhanced student life, building Raider’s Cove, Union Stations, and 60 acres of land that has been bought.

Weaknesses include the location of the bookstore isn’t visible or very approaching for students, the highly leveraged loan the organization has of $12.3 million, the location of the campus itself it has a country setting which may not be appealing to new students, declining enrollment of students in the past semester along with change in demographic, and FCA isn’t talked about within the community or well known.

Some opportunities FCA has are developing communication tools or a public relations plan to tell their story, expand the book store and add more student services other then just selling books each semester, create more apartments on or near the campus for more residential students, and align FCA with Foundation to work together and move forward with these new ideas as partners.

Threats are digital books are becoming more popular then regular hard cover books that the book store sells, there is competition with other community colleges that are now starting to have housing on their campuses, and the security on campus may not be enough for all the students that attend now.

Last but not least the goals FCA has for the future are building a new college bookstore, develop partnerships and organizational structure for growth, conduct feasibility for additional student housing, and increase FCA presence in the daily lives of students with provided services.

The plan is not yet in action but many ideas have been thought upon and talked about.

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