FM Assigns Usernames & E-mails

By Maria Almonte, Staff Writer

As of this school year FM has assigned each registered student with an official college username and password to access information online through student e-mail and the self-service portal. The college anticipates that students use their official college usernames and e-mail addresses to send and receive messages with teachers and check announcements frequently.
On behave of this I took the time to ask some FM students if they use their online usernames or e-mail address and most of the students said they do not. Most of the students rather use their own e-mail addresses to contact teachers like they were doing prior to getting one assigned.

“I have my own e-mail and teachers don’t respond to e-mails anyway” said, Greg Crawford.
”Portal is to hard to get into” said, Megan Siegle.
“Too much of an effort when we have angel and power campus and can just see our teachers” said, Adrianna Alejandro.

Two students actually said they have used their e-mail address to communicate with their teachers and find out about assignments.
Students are responsible for not checking their usernames and e-mail address but do not have any consequences for it not using it as well.

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