Remembering Dr. Varghese D. Pynadath

By Megan Siegle, Staff Writer

Dr. Varghese D. Pynadath, a member of Fulton-Montgomery Community College, passed away recently.

Dr. Pynadath had been a professor for FMCC for 46 years. He taught engineering science and physics. He was the International Student Advisor and chaired the Academic Standards Committee for nearly ten years.

He served as the College’s Dean of Arts and Sciences from 1985-1996. Dr. Pynadath helped establish many programs at the college including the Early Childhood A.A.S. and Certificate Program, Human Services A.A.S. and Certificate Program, Health, Physical Education, and Recreation A.S., Mathematics A.S., Science A.S., and helped with the development of the Television Studio and many courses in the Media Communications Program.

He also chaired the Steering Committee for the College’s 25th Anniversary Celebration in 1989. Dr. Pynadath even co-chaired the Middle States Steering Committee, which was a three-year project.

Dr. Pynadath was honored for his excellent work at the college. He was given the Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching. According to Wayne D. Kenyon, FM Class of 1974, “Dr. Pynadath was a very knowledgeable man, and an excellent professor.”

In 2006, Dr. Pynadath stated his goal with his students was to help them achieve great grades but to also see them happy with what they were doing.

When Dr. Pynadath was asked if retirement was in the near future, he replied with, “I cannot say for sure. I enjoy what I’m doing and could not commit to a retirement date. As long as I continue to stay healthy and do the best job that I can do, I will remain in my position for as many years as I can.”

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