The Race Experience Kiosk

By Maria Almonte, Staff Writer

The Students Activities Board (SAB) is bringing a Race Experience kiosk for students this March during Tolerance Week located in the College Union.

Gwen Ossenkop and Dan Fogerty of SAB, along with the FMCC Foundation, and club donations assisted in bringing the kiosk onto campus.

The Race Experience is a one-of-a-kind race morphing experience lets students view themselves in a different skin color and race.

You take a picture of yourself using the high-definition camera and the software detects different features of your face. Students can then change their race to White, Black, Asian, Hispanic, Indian, and Middle Eastern.

It is meant to create a realistic skin morphing and facial structure modification that comes together with the right balance between the student’s own face and the newly created. You can also share your pictures via email once you are done.

This kiosk is meant to create an environment where students will have discussions about race, racism, beliefs, and identity in a different way.

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