Class Cancellations! Where to find them.

For new students that are unaware of the perks of the school’s website (, it does not only show new events and activities it also shows if your class or classes are cancelled.

“It’s saving the trouble of students getting to school then realizing he or she does not have class,” said Diane Boslet, who is the principal clerk in deans office.  Students with 8 a.m. classes can check the website at a 7:45 a.m. to see if their classes have been canceled or delayed.

In order to check, visit FMCC.EDU, and while on the home page, at the top right corner (next to the search bar) click  “Quick links.” When the page has finished loading, at the top right there will be a title that says “popular links” and under it you will see “class cancellation”

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