FMCC Hires Former Professional Player, Donn Truax As Head Coach For Men’s Soccer Team

donn-Truax-photo-325x243According to a press release, FMCC has appointed former Professional Player, Donn Truax, to the position of Head Coach for the Men’s Soccer Team.

Truax, a native of Scotia, played one season for the Albany Alleycats in Albany, NY and two seasons with the Charlotte Eagles in Charlotte, NC.  As a Defender with the Charlotte Eagles, Truax helped the team secure the title of USL National Champions.

“I am excited about taking on the Head Men’s Soccer Coach Position and have a strong desire and commitment to bring this program to the next level.  I anticipate great strides in Raider Men’s Soccer this season,” Truax states.

Truax spent two seasons as the Assistant Coach with Covenant Day School in Charlotte, NC where he led the Men’s team to the State Championship Title in 2005.  He also spent 2 seasons as the Assistant Coach with FMCC where he led the Lady Raiders to their first regional playoff in the college’s history.

“There is a lot of local talent here in Fulton County and I’d like to be able to showcase those players as well as add in some international talent to complement.  The key is team discipline and commitment.  When I was Assistant Coach for the Lady Raiders in 2010, our team was comprised primarily of inexperienced players; however the ladies worked hard to develop a level of trust and chemistry.  What they lacked in experience, they made up for by working together and they were ultimately able to frustrate some elite regional teams.  I hope to foster this same team chemistry as we rebuild the Men’s program this season.”

Truax will lead the Raiders with Assistant Coach, Rich Monroe by his side.  Truax and Monroe coached the Lady Raiders together during 2010 and 2011.

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