SAB Plans Eventful Semester for Students

This semester FMCC has seen a spike in on campus enrollment. With so many students living in the dorms or near by this year some questioned the Student Activities Board’s ability to keep up.

Providing students with interesting and innovative activities and events has been the goal of the SAB for years. With a very limited budget the board has often found themselves unable to book the high end talent that they would like. However after Student Government raised their budget last year SAB is eager to bring undiscovered talent to the campus. Despite the still tight budget plenty of events have been planned for the upcoming semester with activities planned for the morning, common hour, and night time as well. For those interested there will even be a few trips off campus.

I have already heard students asking one another if they are aware of any events coming up. Interested to find out myself I contacted Coordinator of Student Activities Gwen Ossenkop. When I asked Gwen to give me a few dates to mark on my calendar she responded with a handful of events all taking place in the coming months. A few of the events Gwen was eager to tell me about included a Headphone Disco on September 20th, a Haunted House on October 29th, Casino Night on November 7th, and “Salsa Magic” on November 14th.

For students wishing to propose an idea to the Student Activities Board there will soon be a form that you can submit your ideas on. Until then don’t be afraid to go see Gwen in the student union.

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