You Have To Use ANGEL at FM

A lot of education institutions now use course management systems to allow students to keep up with their classes.

Here at Fulton Montgomery Community College, we use a system called ANGEL, which is a online platform students use to manage their courses during the semester, as well as communicate with their professors about the class. Being a distance-learning platform, ANGEL helps both students and faculty. Students can check homework assignments, complete quizzes, test, etc; as if they were in the actual class. Professors can discuss with the students one on one with issues they’re having within in the class using the personal college based email giving for the student.

As the professor updates the course information with readings and assignments; should be the same amount of time you check your ANGEL account. ANGEL is more reliable and email easy.  Alongside ANGEL, there is Portal/Power Campus, which is also an online management system for students and faculty as well. Portal is mostly used for course announcements, recorded grades and other helpful information about financial aid (MyAid), registration, etc. “It’s not about which is better. Each has it’s own specific way of providing information for faculty and students.” Dian Putnam stated. Both online systems benefits both students and faculty educationally and informational.

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