Club Fair Goes Up In Smoke

By Anthony Auspelmyer

The club fair at FMCC gives clubs on a campus a chance to recruit new members. This semester saw a record turnout outside of the student union. However most of the students weren’t there for the club fair, but more because of it.
About half way through the fair the S.T.E.M club unveiled their biggest sales pitch; a fog machine. This wasn’t just any old fog machine. In fact, the club had placed it inside of a box with a circle cut out in front for ventilation. When S.T.E.M club member Tyler Dobbs patted the box from both sides out came smoke rings. The less than small crowd of students participating in the fair nearly doubled to an almost small crowd all gathering at the S.T.E.M table.

Up In Smoke


Before anyone could even ask the club a question about their condensation contraption the smoke alarm sounded. For a brief moment the students in the building seemed not to care about exiting quickly. It wasn’t until campus officials started telling people to evacuate that they actually did.


Students gathered immediately in front of the doors similar to the way they fill the halls; unwilling to move for those still trying to get out.


While the fire drill may have cost some their lunch it did bring record numbers to the club fair. Public safety almost earned their keep too.

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