FM Holds Transfer Fair

FM recently held a transfer fair to prepare students who are interested in continuing their education. There were about 40 colleges in attendance.

Some of the schools involved include Burlington College, Cazenovia College, Paul Smith’s College, and St. Rose. Most SUNY schools, such as Buffalo, Albany, Oneonta, and others also had representatives at FM. The fair took place from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on the first floor of the classroom building.

Andrea Scribner, Education and Career Planning Specialist, said students that are beginning the transferring process should make sure that the potential schools have the student’s intended major. The students should also be aware of application deadlines, financial aid possibilities, and housing requirements. Students should also look for other qualifications such as school size, setting, and even athletics to find a perfect fit for them. It is important to be comfortable at the school you plan to attend, especially if you plan on living in a dorm setting. Scribner also says that students should, “visit the schools you are interested in before you make a decision” in regards to selecting a school.

If you plan on attending the transfer fair, it is important to speak with representatives in order to leave a good impression. Scribner said the best way to do so is to ask questions, and be prepared with your credentials in case the rep asks. Credentials include GPA, leadership roles, and future plans. It also helps to visit a school’s website, just in case there are any questions you may have.

Some students may not know what school is right for them. These students should not worry. “The transfer fair is also a good time to browse and just check out some of the different colleges that are represented,” says Scribner.

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