Students Elected to Fulmont College Association!

Four students were elected to join the Fulmont College association.

Dusty Swanger, FM’s president, held the meeting last Thursday in the classroom building. The meeting was held to recruit candidates to join the Fulmont college association. (FCA)

The Fulmont College Association has grown since the last four years. “we now have 25 employees, and becoming stronger” said Swanger.

The candidates that were elected are Jason Rivenberg, Dillon Wilbur, David Strousser and Tisha dukes.

The FCA runs the food service, the college store and on campus housing. One of FCA’s recent projects was Raider Cove, Which used to be the swimming pool area, and now transformed into a sandwich-eating bar.  A new project that’s currently in process is the new roof that is being built over Montgomery Hall..

The FCA meets once a month for an hour, and pitches ideas on how to improve campus life for students.

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