Proposal 2- Additional Civil Service Credit For Veterans

Proposal Two of the New York State Elections will entitle veterans with “certified combat-related disabilities”  extra points towards eligibility when competing for civil service appointments and promotions.

According to The New York State Board of Elections:

“The purpose of the proposed amendment to section 6 of article 5 of the Constitution is to grant additional civil service credit to veterans who are certified as disabled after they have been appointed or promoted to a civil service position.

The State Constitution currently grants veterans additional credit on civil service exams (5 points for an original appointment and 2½ points for a promotion). Disabled veterans are entitled to additional credit (10 points for an original appointment and 5 points for a promotion). Veterans are eligible for only one grant of additional credit, and so a veteran who is appointed or promoted before being certified as disabled currently is not eligible for the higher amount of credit he or she would have received if he or she had been certified as disabled before his or her appointment or promotion.

This amendment would create an exception to the one-time-only additional credit rule. It would permit veterans who are certified disabled after having already received credit at one appointment or promotion, because of their status as veterans, to receive additional credit one more time after certification of their disability. After being certified disabled, a veteran would be entitled to an additional grant of credit equal to the difference between 10 and the number of points received at the initial appointment or promotion. This would bring the total additional points of civil service credit such a veteran can receive to 10 for either an appointment or a promotion”

The measure was sponsered by Assemblyman Fred Thieie and approved unanimously by the New York Legislature.

Also in support of the proposal is the Watertown Daily Times. The Times commented by saying, “This amendment provides veterans additional credit on their state civil service ranking for a certification of disability credit granted after they had received their ranking. This one-time grant is only fair to veterans plagued by a disability and deserves a yes vote.”

At this time there are no New York groups that are against the Additional Civil Service Credit for Veterans with Disabilities Amendment.

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