Proposal Five – In Relation to a Land Exchange in the State Forest Preserve with NYCO Minerals, Inc. Which Group Supports Proposal Five?

This is one of six proposals New Yorker’s will decide at the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 5 .

Abstract: The purpose of the proposed amendment to section 1 of article 14 of the Constitution is to allow NYCO Minerals, Inc., a private company, to continue its mining operations in the town of Lewis, Essex County. The State Constitution generally forbids the lease, sale, exchange, or taking of any forest preserve land. The proposed amendment would allow the State to convey approximately 200 forest preserve acres to NYCO Minerals for mining. In exchange, NYCO Minerals would give the State at least the same amount of land of at least the same value, with a minimum assessed value of $1 million. This land would be added to the forest preserve. When NYCO Minerals finishes mining, the company would restore the condition of the land it received in the exchange and return it to the forest preserve.

The proposed amendment also would allow NYCO Minerals to test to determine the quantity and quality of the mineral to be mined on the land to be exchanged before the exchange occurs. It would require NYCO Minerals to give the State its test results so that the State can use them to determine the value of the land to be conveyed to NYCO Minerals. The proposed amendment also would require that if, after testing, NYCO Minerals does not want the forest preserve land, NYCO Minerals still must give the State at least the same amount of land of at least the same value of the land that was disturbed by the testing. This land would be incorporated into the forest preserve.

Which Group Supports Proposal Five?  The Group that Supports Land Exchange in the States Forrest Preserve is NYCO.

NYCO is a private mining company that is dedicated to marketing and sales of premium quality mineral products and services worldwide. NYCO was also the first in the world commercially to mine and marketing wollastonite.  NYCO founded in 1953, the Willsbaro operations, which is located Adirondack Mountains of New York. Today NYCO is still one of the the largest wollastonite mine and processing facility.



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