Communications Club Takes On San Antonio, Texas

The National Student Electronic Media Convention was held from October 31st through November 2nd. The convention provided students from colleges all over the country with workshops. These conferences focused mostly on television and radio broadcasting.   

CBI works to promote and encourage students involved in radio, television and webcasting. Their mission, according to its website, is, “commitment to education and the student pursuit of excellence through active involvement in electronic media.”

Workshops featured topics such as media law and ethics, social media outlets, television roundtables, and student involvement in college radio stations. Other workshops included “Staying Legally Safe in the Cyber Jungle”, “Radio Theater of the Mind”, “The Future of Work: Career Pathways”, and “Getting Your First Job in Broadcasting.”

The students, Maria Almonte, Anthony Auspelmyer, Jordan Lincourt, and Marissa Russo, along with instructor James Hinkle, took part in the conferences throughout the weekend, and also took advantage of the sites San Antonio had to offer.

The students unanimously agreed that the “Sports Talk Radio” workshop was their favorite. Mike Greco hosted the conference. Although he was scheduled at the last minute to replace original speaker Mike Taylor, Greco prepared an interesting and informative session on sports radio programs.

Another interesting presentation, titled “Only in Adobe Premiere CC”, focused on the use of Adobe programs, and how each version can be beneficial to students. Herbert Jay Dunmore and Steve Celano hosted this conference. Both presenters work for GreyComm Studios. Dunmore also teaches at Loyola University Maryland, while Celano is a graduate of the university.

On the final day of workshops, there was an award ceremony for CBI National Student Productions finalists. Students and colleges entered pieces in radio and television broadcasting. Categories included “Best News Reporting”, “Best DJ”, and “Best Sports Play-by-Play.”

There was also a presentation by keynote speaker, Dean McFlicker. McFlicker is Vice President and Creative Director of NBC Entertainment Marketing. According to his biography, McFlicker has also produced for CNN, HBO, and “Entertainment Tonight,” “E News Daily,” and “Good Morning America

Aside from the interesting conferences, the Communications Club also visited the San Antonio Riverwalk, The Alamo, and attended the San Antonio Spurs opening NBA game against the Memphis Grizzlies.


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