Julius Elected Mayor of Johnstown

JOHNSTOWN-Residents of Johnstown took to the polls on Tuesday to elect a mayor among other positions.

Voters had their choice of three mayoral candidates including Conservative Helen Martin, Republican Scott Jeffers, and Democrat Michael Julius.

Timesunion.com reported Michael Julius as the winner with a 200 plus edge over second place Scott Jeffers, who garnered 649 total votes; Helen Martin finished third with 350 votes.

A surprisingly low number of residents decided to vote for the mayor, although it is a race that is considered most important by many other cities. Google population results reported a population of more than 8.500 people in the 2010 census. Out of those 8,500 plus residents only 1,827 turned out to vote.

Numbers are slightly skewed based on the number of residents who are actually old enough to vote. However, city-data.com reported that more than half the population in Johnstown was 18 or older with a median age of 41.

Gloversville also elected its mayor on Tuesday, as Republican Dayton King defeated the Working Class’ Wames Handy by over 500 votes.

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