One Man’s Story Can Be an Open Eye for Another

Corine Walker

Here at FM, many students come from the Johnstown and Here at FM, many students come from the Johnstown and Gloversville area.

According to YNN, the latest census level showed that Gloversville is known to be the most poverty-stricken city in the state of New York. Students who come from similar area around the world may let these social issues stop them from getting an education.

Huffington Post reported on a young man who lived in a state of poverty but didn’t let where he was from stop him from succeeding in life. Before attending Bethune Cookman University in Daytona Beach, Florida, Joshuah Williams lived amongst poverty, drugs and violence while growing up in Miami, Florida. Williams didn’t let his struggle get in the way of his goal to go to college.

Working at a gas station, Williams saved $3,000 that he chose to use for tuition, room and board, which cost more than what he had. High school teachers helped Williams to get scholarships, do well on tests and to apply to several colleges.

Once he found a place to live on campus, he felt relieved and he focused on his education. He shared speeches about his struggle. This lead students and teachers to want to help him and it also encouraged students who had similar issues to continue and not let anything stop them.

Along with his success Williams was able to start a scholarship within his called The Keeper of Light Scholarship, to help students who aren’t able to afford books to buy them.

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