Mother and Son To Join Honors program

A mother and son enrolled at FM together will soon be entering Honors program together and if all goes well they will be graduating together.

May Licht is a computer information system major and Jon Licht is a digital multi media major. Next semester both of the Licht’s will be entering the honors program.

The Honors program is for students with high academic ability who are willing to push themselves to achieve higher. The program includes an honor section or honors options. If the program is completed successfully, their transcripts will be stamped “Honors Concentration Degree.” Mother and son are both eager to join the program. “Honor society pushes you harder than you’re required in your classes” said May

Most students would be uncomfortable with going to the same school as their parent or feel a little awkward about it, but Jon said he enjoys going to the same school as his mom. May said it is great for her as well, because she gets to see her son more often. May also added that before she applied to FM, her and Jon had a talk with one another because she wanted to make sure he was okay with her going to the same school as him. “ I didn’t want to cramp his style.” She said.

This mother and son duo is not only achieving good grades but they are also deeply involved in many clubs. Jon is an SGA officer, involved in the school’s play and former gaming club member. They are both Phi-Theta-Kappa officers and treasurers

Jon and May go to each other for help and support when in need of help. “When I start slacking, he yells at me and vice versa,” said May. Jon also added that they help each other with their homework.SAM_0056

One of the reason behind May enrolling back into school is because her son encouraged her, as well as getting older. Currently this is May’s second attempt in college, and in may she and her son will have successfully completed their two years. With graduation day around the corner Jon is still debating on which college he will transfer to, he says he has a few in mind. May says she will most likely get a job, and that she is thinking about taking online classes part-time.

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