Dinner, Movie and Bed!

By- Shaunice Harris

Valentines Day is the most romantic holiday of the year. Flowers, Cards and candy are most often given on Valentines Day, followed by the usual dinner and a movie.

A recent Q and A I conducted showed that male FM students have the same definition of a great Valentines Day date. A small survey of males said that their ideal date would be taking a female out to dinner or a movie followed by a romantic night in the house that would require the two to be up all night. A couple of female students also agreed that this was a great definition of a perfect date. Although, the males had the same meaning of a great date, their definition of a bad date was different than one another’s. Some saying a bad date would be not having money to buy their date a gift. One person said spending v-day with someone who is ungrateful would be a bad date.

Female students had different ideal dates for Valentine’s Day. From carriage rides through the park, candle lit dinners, and even walks on the beach. Some said that a great date would be spending the whole day with that special someone would be a great way to spend Valentine’s Day. Another person said just having a valentine or a special someone is satisfying enough.

Many people wreck their brains every year trying to plan a perfect Valentine’s Day date. Whether you are in a relationship when Valentine’s Day rolls around, or you just have a valentine; remember it is only one day. As long as your Valentine’s Day is properly thought out and effort was applied, then that should be considered a great date.

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