Valentine’s Day Special: The Connection In A Love Poem

By:Perdita Sasu

Roses are red and Violet are blue, Valentine’s Day is coming so what should you do? Valentine Day is right around the corner, so for all you lovebirds show your significant other that you still care. This is the time to show your actions through words. 
Love poems show the beauty of how words can be used to express feelings and thoughts. Since Valentine’s Day is a very popular holiday, being spontaneous will be the best route to go. To write a poem it’s best to be original and have fun with it, play around with words until it sounds just about right. Poems with rhythm always seem to be interesting and exciting to read and also it’s easier to remember the pattern. Poems are meant to be creative. If writing a poem for a significant other it should be easy, you just think of how special they are that’s definitely a start. You have to get inspirations from somewhere.

A couple of poets that made love connections through their work were Maya Angelou with “Remembrance”, “A Conceit”, and “Passing Time”. Emily Dickinson also had several touching poems that had to do with love like “Wild Nights’ Wild Nights”, “That I did always love”, “Love is anterior to life”. Elizabeth Barrett Browning “How do I love Thee?”. George Gordon Byron “She walks in the Beauty”. All the of these poets with there influential love poems gives an idea of how a poem should be written. Valentine’s Day is about being romantic and enjoying yourself.

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