Most Popular Spring Break Spots

By- Shaunice Harris


It’s that time again! Yup, spring break is slowly approaching. So get your sun tanning lotion, bathing suits and beach chairs ready for nonstop fun.

  During the month of March many families, friends and college students plan trips to different locations to enjoy their spring break. The most common places that are visited during spring break are Cancun, Las Vegas, Virginia beach, and Florida.

   Cancun has been a popular spring break spot for a while. According to since 2011 Cancun has had a maximum weather average of 86 degrees, which is better than perfect weather to for spring time. Florida is another popular spot with great weather and many trendy cities and beaches such as Daytona and Panama City beach. With families and college students coming from around the world, Florida would be a great place to vacay for a week because there are many places to visit; Disney world being one of them.

   Virginia Beach is the most popular city in Virginia and the 39th  populous city in the united states; no wonder why it’s a must visit spot during spring break. Good weather, great views and even better people. During the spring Virginia Beach temperature averages any where form 60 degrees to 80 degrees. Las Vegas, the gambling capital of the world is also a must visit, not only for good weather and scenery but to make, or possible lose money. But remember, what happens there stays there. Las Vegas spring weather average is from 70 to 88 degrees, so when you lose your money “look on the bright side.”

  For college students spring break is the time to let loose and forget about all school related worries. If you are planning on going to a sunny atmosphere for spring break remember to use sunscreen to protect your skin and prevent from getting melanoma. And don’t forget to have fun!

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