How To Save For Spring Break

Corine Walker Staff Writer  

Spring Break to college students is the time they let go from all the stress from midterms & studying. They celebrate by going on vacation , hanging with friends, partying and having a good time.All the enjoyable things are not free when you  go on vacation. Most of the time, money is spent on a way to get there, a place to stay whether its a hotel or with a friend, food , party admission and for those who are 21 and up – drinks are pretty pricey as well.

If you haven’t been planning and want to go away or whatever you have in mind, now is the time to put things into action. The best way to save up money for spring break is by planning ahead, start reducing and changing up your everyday spending habits.

Most of the time students coming from off campus and commuting, have to pay for lunch out of pocket while those who live on campus have meal plans. If you have a friend who is willing to give you a meal credit you will save nearly 12 dollars a day. Bringing lunch from home is always a getaway from heavy spending during the week also. A sandwich, container of food from the night before or healthy snacks to get through the day is always a great help.

Before arriving to your destination finding local all-you-can-eat buffets, supermarkets, and if the hotel serves complimentary breakfast or dinner , that will be a great way from spending nearly thirty dollars or more on a  dinner  and nearly 15 to 20 for breakfast and lunch.

Instead of going out every weekend with friends and also when you’re on vacation, you can have get togethers where everyone just chips in a certain amount for food and drinks. Even “BYOB” , which stands for “Bring Your Own Bottle”  is a great way to save for those of proper age. Alcohol is not cheap and  may be more than you think once you arrive.

If you have a job, the best way of saving is by saving your paychecks till week before spring break. If you put your checks in a secure place or in your savings account, they will add up.

As you cut down from spending and doing things that doesn’t require much spending, you will have enough money to round up for your break.  Spend wisely, think about the things you want to do on your break and how much you desire to spend. Go to parties and and places that match your interest and  style.

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