Japan Suspends Ongoing talks and Negotiations About Crimea

Corine Walker

The Russian President, Vladimir Putin signed an order for Crimea to become an independent state from The Ukraine.

The Japanese government stated they will start sanctions on Russia for pushing its influence and giving a Crimean vote to separate from the Ukraine. Governments from all over the world included the Group of Seven economic powers which Japan is in, condemned Moscow’s operation.  

The two countries have had recent feuds, where there been hoping for a peace treaty to finally be signed after all the meeting and summits.

“It’s deplorable that Russia recognized the independence of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, a move that violates Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity,” the Japanese foreign ministry said in a statement.

“Japan will suspend negotiations on easing visa requirements, and will not begin talks on new investment accord, an outer space accord and an accord aimed at preventing risky military activities.” also added.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshide Suga explained in a press conference that Japan is thinking about sanctions against Russia.

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