Nigerian Rape Crimes Constantly Increasing!

By- Shaunice Harris


According to the “”, Nigerian citizens are worried about the ongoing rape scandals in their country.

Citizens of Nigeria suggested extra security in hopes of protection and a decrease in rape victims. In the course of one week alone, there were up to ten headlining social media news story on different victims being raped.

Though, they are hoping for more protection, some still do not feel safe because there are so many rape acts a day, the people of Nigeria are not sure who to trust during this time. Also, due to the lack of evidence, the offender escapes justice and is let free.

According to the article, the most horrifying thing is that the offenders are attacking all ages of people. A recent offender was sexually offending little kids and infecting them with HIV/AIDS while aware of his disease.

These Rape acts have mentally damaged many of the victims, causing them to be traumatized nearly for life. Because of these vicious sex crimes, Nigerian Citizens has challenged the government to legislate more severe punishment for sex offenders. Also, they believe that at dress code is necessary for both men and women. 

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