America’s Got Talent : The Body Poets At FM


From traditional to “B-boy”, break dancing, The Body Poets, young men, in their 20’s, traveled to Johnstown from San Diego, California to show FM what they’re all about recently.

Originally a group of 15 guys, only three were able to fly out, Omeed, Nick, and JayCee. The three are currently touring around the states to get exposure for the group and do what they love to do, dance.

Their main goals always have been to travel around the states, where they have made it to season 6, America’s Got Talent.

Starting off in high school, the guys talk about where body poetry really started and how much they enjoyed dancing since then. They have all types of dances they enjoy incorporating in the shows. Mostly known as Street Dancing, everyone in the group is a b-boy dancer, contemporary and even tap dancers. According to Omeed and Nick.

Before getting to the fame, the group started off doing pre- shows in front of theatres, getting an audience to come in and watch the real shows going on inside.

Omeed explains how he had the opportunity to meet and work with Jabbawokeez, Kevin Brewer where he influenced him to keep The Body Poets going.

With four to five hours a day of practice and not so much time at home, the guys spend at least one month home in San Diego and back on the road. FM was the last show they performed at on the East Coast, where they are traveling back to their hometown and back on the road to Atlanta, Georgia. To check out the Body Poets, they are on twitter, YouTube and Facebook, under The Body Poets.

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