ASL (American Sign Language) Club has had a successful semester this year, filled with many events helped by the club members and the local community.

The top success of their club had to be the scholarship they presented to the Club President and Deaf student, Jacob Veeder. The scholarship was a fund award of $150.

Next on their list was the ASL comedy shows “S.E.E. Me Fail!” Featuring Windell “Wink” Smith, Jr. on Sat. April 5th in the FM Theatre.

“Wink” is a CODA, or child of a deaf adult; both of his parents are deaf. Wink first got to see sign language story telling from his parents, which lead him to go around and share this story about his parents and growing up in a deaf household. Not only did he put everybody in his perspective but also wanted the audience to get a view of the Deaf community and what many CODA’s go through growing up.

The sold out show had over 75 Deaf individuals from the local area and many ASL students from other schools and FM as well.

“Just seeing the Deaf community together for this show was a priceless endeavor for our club.” Stated Cheryl Schiemer. To not leave anyone out, they also had a voice interpreter for those who are ‘sign impaired’ hearing people. During the show the ASL Club performed an opening act hand signing the popular song, Fire Flies by Owl City while accompanied with black lights. The students wore black outfits with white gloves that only glowed showing their sign language hands.

After Jacob Veeder was presented with the scholarship, Jacob presented a T-shirt to Wink, which said, “What ! I can’t hear you! My swag is too loud!”, a deaf humorous shirt.

The ASL Club mission is to serve the Deaf, so that people who are able to hear can realize that people who are Deaf only cannot hear, they are capable of a lot more than people think.

The ASL Club is one of the most active clubs in FM right now. Every first Friday of every month Cheryl Schiemer and the club hold “Deaf Chats” at the Senior Center in Johnstown. “We have a coffee meet and greet once a month from 6:00 to 9:00 pm and anyone is welcome.” States Schiemer.

For more information about the Deaf Chats, contact Shiemer at (518) 866-9654

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