FMCC Looks to Add Golf, Lacrosse, Bowling and Cross Country in Coming Years

By Tim Everhardt

For Kevin Jones, athletic director for more than a decade, the start of the new school year means helping FMCC’s sports teams to be as successful as they can be.

While the sports available have stayed the same during his tenure as AD, there is a three-year plan in place to bring in new sports to FMCC. Next year would see cross-country, bowling and golf be added to the list of sports. The following year, he hopes to bring in men’s and women’s lacrosse. With enrollment down in the past few years, Jones expects to attract local athletes from strong local high school programs with the addition of these new sports.

For those who do not know how a sports program is started, Kevin must first go to the Board of Trustees with the budget for the proposed teams. The sports teams currently get $67k, plus another $40k for travel. These numbers would increase with the addition of new sports. From there, Jones would take the proposal to the Student Government Association, where they would vote on it. Then it is up to the coach to recruit student-athletes to fill out the team.

After over a decade in the role of FM’s athletic director, Jones has overseen great changes with the athletic program. The softball field, in particular, has seen a massive overhaul since his arrival. When he first took the job 12 years ago, there was a subpar softball field with just a batter’s box and a backstop. Nowadays, there is a nice fenced in field with great dugouts and bleachers for spectators. Jones plans to continue renovations for the sports team’s facilities as well as adding new ones to accommodate the new programs.

As for his goals for this year’s sports team, Kevin always wants “to field competitive teams that could contend for a conference title or get into regional play and see how far they can go.” Especially in the Fall, FM’s team are up against some stiff competition, with the likes of perennial men’s soccer powerhouse Herkimer. This means that all students and staff are encouraged to come out and support the teams.

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